A "return to normal" means a return to inequality for people living with disabilities.

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A "return to normal" means a return to inequality for people living with disabilities.  image


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Supporting people living with disabilities is more important now than ever!

Supporting people living with disabilities is more important now than ever!

For years, people living with disabilities have been advocating for many of the accommodations that existed during the pandemic. Remote school and work options, telehealth appointments, or even something as simple as staying home when you are sick, were all positives for people living with disabilities. Now that the able-bodied community believes the worst is behind us, many of these vital accessibility accommodations are vanishing, and people living with disabilities are watching as the world moves on without us.

The work Stavros has been doing over the last few years, and continues to do, includes:

  • Getting people out of nursing homes (since 2021 we’ve helped 52 people transition from living in nursing homes to living independently in the community)
  • Making homes more accessible (since 2021 we’ve built 96 home access ramps)
  • Helped develop the new State tool for assisting people in finding affordable and accessible homes: the “Housing Navigator”
  • Helped get people housing vouchers, beginning with 50 vouchers last year
  • Helped people get COVID-19 vaccines and tests
  • Helped people find jobs
  • Delivered meals
  • Fought racism
  • Advocated for the rights of people with disabilities

For persons with disabilities, life can be like a crazy reality TV show: you get past one obstacle, and another one pops up. But unlike television, the obstacles are real and dangerous. Most of our advocates are persons with disabilities themselves, and they know from firsthand experience the importance of getting those obstacles out of the way.

Here are some ways you can help!

Systems Change

We are currently working hard to advocate for the following piece of legislation and need you help to call your representatives to urge them to co-sponsor these bills:

Transportation: Regional Transit Authorities Amendments #1068 and #1070 by Representative Sarah Peake to support the service needs of transit users in Regional Transit Authority (RTA) communities
Alternative Housing Voucher Program: Affordable Accessible Housing Grants to fund accessible units with a priority for AHVP voucher holders, amendment #489 filed by Representative Decker.
And Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty bill, amendment #181 to raise cash assistance grants for very low-income families with children, elders, and persons with disabilities by 20% for FY 23 and amendment #182 to establish a policy of continuing to raise grants each year until they reach half the federal poverty level also filed by Representative Decker.


Are you someone who desires to make a difference in the community? Are you a person who has an openness to learning new perspectives, personal growth, and commitment to inclusion? Do you know about disability issues? Or are you interested in learning? Then consider working for Stavros CIL. People living with disabilities are urged to apply!



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Disability Action Networks

If you want to make our communities more accessible, think about joining one of our Disability Action Networks. Our DANs take on all the access issues, from sidewalks without curb cuts to snow piled up at bus stops to hospitals that don’t help with transfers. If you want to change things for the better for persons with disabilities, check out the Disability Action Network for your county.

To find out more, please call one of our staff persons listed below with any questions, comments or requests.

Hampden County -Andy Bristol
Tel 413-781-5555-ext 317---- meets in Springfield 1st Thursdays @ 1:00PM

Hampshire County and Franklin County—Jim Wolejko
413-256-0473, x 216 (Amherst) 413 774-3001 (Greenfield)---meets 2nd Mondays @ 2:00PM

“You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

-Mahatma Gandhi